A Sunday Event with Denver’s Jazz in the Park

Traditionally, we have always had a Sunday picnic during the Reunion weekend. The Reunion picnic is a family-friendly event and a chance for classmates and friends to have more opportunities for warm, extended conversations in a casual, easy-going atmosphere. The Sunday picnic is free, and many people come to the picnic who might not attend the other events. Typically the Reunion picnic has been held on the Esplanade or south lawn of East High, with the doors of the school being opened for classmates to walk through and reminisce. But this year both East and Manual are unavailable due to construction.

We have decided to organize our Sunday picnic in conjunction with the City of Denver’s Jazz in the Park event at City Park. Every Sunday the City produces a concert at City Park that has a great summer festival atmosphere.  The City books some well-known regional and national artists for these performances as part of its summer festival series.  We’ll put up our own canopies and set aside a designated area with soft drinks, ice tea, lemonade, etc. where people can meet their friends and enjoy music and the park atmosphere.  There will be plenty of good food at the catering trucks that are a part of Jazz in the Park, and we may have our own volleyball nets and Frisbees etc. This of course, is a family-oriented event, and we expect many friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren to join in the fun.  Keep checking back on this web site page – we’ll post the exact locations here and on Facebook so there will be plenty of space and people will find our Reunion group easily.