City Park Golf Course

East – Manual Reunion Golf Tournament

Traditionally at each Reunion we’ve had a golf tournament with about 20 players or more. At this Reunion we are expecting an even larger tournament – perhaps as many as 40 players – since Manual High School is joining us.  We are planning to have our golf tournament at City Park on Friday, July 28.  Tickets for the golf tournament are $58.00 per player.  If you would like more information, please send us a message on the form below, and you can pay for your tournament spot online through our Tickets page.

Since we are pioneering a first ever joint East – Manual Reunion, we thought it would be a great idea to have East versus Manual competing teams in the tournament. Interestingly enough, one of the people on the East side will be J.T. Richardson, who was a nose guard on the East Angels football team in 77 40 years ago; his nemesis would have been Manual quarterback, Steve Epstein! We’re expecting a lot of the same people from our 30th Reunion to play on “Team East,” but we’re not sure who might play from Manual.  Folks, please sign up!  If you’re a Manual alumni who likes to play golf and you’d like to join us, you can contact Steve Epstein via e-mail at: Team East is being coordinated by Dale Wetmore – he can be contacted at If you have a technical question about the tickets or online payments, you can send a message in the box below. Please help spread the word – let’s have a great day of golf with old friends this summer!