Denver East & Manual High Schools: Celebrating a 40-Year Reunion for the Classes of 76, 77 & 78 & Friends


Welcome to the Denver East – Manual 40th Reunion web site!  Thank you for visiting.

Planning for this Reunion originally started with the Denver East High Class of ’77 and our upcoming 40th Reunion in 2017.  Over the years, many members of the East High Class of ’76 have attended our Class of ’77 Reunions and this year some of us got together and decided to make the Reunion a more formal collaboration between both the Class of ’76 and the Class of ’77. As the momentum grew, the East High Class of ’78 also requested to join the ever growing party and we all agreed that it was the BEST thing for everyone. It was a natural outcome as many of us have brothers, sisters, cousins and friends who graduated in these same years.

We also ended up working with our friends from Manual High School, as many people from Denver’s Manual High School have strong ties with East High. This is partly because many people who went to East and Manual grew up in nearby neighborhoods, and sometimes we went to the same elementary or junior high schools. These school districts were shifted and redefined several times beginning in the early 70s, as Denver (like many other large and small cities across the country) was under a court order to desegregate its school system. These boundaries were often arbitrary, with friends on one side of the street ending up in one high school while the other side was sent on school buses across town. Both East High and Manual students developed great friendships that evolved during this period and enhanced the diversity of both schools.

In the 1974-75 school year, the Denver Public Schools started an educational experiment called the “East-Manual Complex” that allowed students from both campuses to take classes at either high school.  This also helped build friendships between East and Manual students, so it felt great to include Manual High School in this 40th Reunion Celebration. The Manual Class of ’77 hasn’t had a Reunion in 30 years – since their 10th Reunion, back in 1987 – so this provides a wonderful opportunity for all of us to see old friends we haven’t seen in decades. We are ALL anticipating that this 2017 Reunion is going to be a summer event for the ages, a timely celebration of friendship, growth and change.

If you haven’t registered, please visit our Registration page. Also, please spread the word and invite more of our fellow classmates and friends to visit this web site and come to the Reunion.  We have a Facebook Group page, where you can get updates on the latest developments and see some of our friends who will be at the Reunion. You can buy your tickets directly on this web site from our Tickets page.  We look forward to a very special and memorable summer!


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